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Moscow, 1830.  Adrian, a lanky and morose Undertaker is surrounded by disease, poverty and injustice. Every time something remotely hopeful happens to him, it immediately fades away and decays. 

Insulating himself from the outer world Adrian finds escape in his beloved vocation: taking care of the dead. Step by step, the Undertaker becomes something he has been very close to his entire life – Death.

Based on the short story “The Undertaker” by Aleksander Pushkin, 1831.




S1 - E4  - 13 mins

The Undertaker

Director: Sergei Kibus (Estonia)



SERGEI KIBUS is an Estonian animation director, writer, and cinematographer, and co-owner of the production company Rebel Frame. In 2019, Sergei received the upcoming young talent award for his short stop-motion animation “Teofrastus” at Zlin Film Festival. “Teofrastus” travelled to more than 40 festivals and won 15 awards worldwide, including the Best Film for children at Animateka and Special Mention at Ottawa Int’l Animation Festival. In addition to filmmaking, Sergei teaches animated film development in the Estonian Academy of Arts and is finishing his Master´s degree in Asian Studies with focus on artistic animation of China and Japanese cyberpunk genre. He is a member of the Estonian Animation Guild and the Estonian Filmmakers´ Association.

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