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The brutal Lord of a band of renegades sets out on a robber raid across the desert inhabited by nomadic mutant tribes and monstrous beasts in the post-apocalyptic world. 

Lord’s young Driver is known simply as a fool to the rest of the raiders, but when ambushed by nomads, the Driver is the only survivor. To find his way back home, he must pass a series of difficult trials - and journey directly through the Heart of the Darkness.

Based on the short story “Hopeless” by Dmitry Tikhonov, 2015.




S1 - E5  - 15 mins


Director: Directors: Aljosha Klimov (Germany) & Hirofumi Nakada (Japan)

Aljosha Klimov_2022-2.jpg


ALJOSHA KLIMOV, a Russian creative based in Germany, Co-Created this series Red Iron Road and selected and adapted the original short stories into English for episodic production. Aljosha was a Producer and a Co-Director of the award-winning animated feature film, FIRST SQUAD: The Moment of Truth (2009), a co-production between Canadian studio Molot Entertainment and Tokyo-based Studio 4°C.


HIROFUMI NAKADA Co-Directed the award-winning animated feature film, FIRST SQUAD: The Moment of Truth. Nakada's background includes education at Tokyo's School of Animation and Design, and positions as Key Animator and Animation Director at Studio 4°C and Nippon Animation, as well as Animation Director and Character Designer on the game CATHERINE, for PS3 and Xbox360.


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