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In the bitterly cold streets of Petrograd, the daughter of an infamous Ratcatcher flirts with a revolutionist and is thrust into a nail-biting, journey into the dark, mysterious forgotten underworld.

Based on a tragic love story by Alexander Grin, 'The RatCatcher's Daughter' paints a grim tale of 1920's post war Russia, plagued by poverty, addiction and the threat of revolution.




S1 - E3  - 16 mins

The Ratcatcher’s Daughter

Director: Jim Bryson & Adam Jeffcoat of StudioNX Animation (Canada)



JIM BRYSON is an award winning creator and character designer. He has been making animation since the early 2000s, for clients such as Apple, Fox, Disney, and Amazon Studios. He co-created “Niko and the Sword of Light” and in 2016, won an Emmy for best animated series. In 2019, he was nominated for outstanding character design at the Annie’s.


ADAM JEFFCOAT is an award winning creator, director and storyman who has worked for many big names including MARVEL, DISNEY, NICKELODEON & AMAZON STUDIOS. In 2013 he wrote & directed the critically acclaimed animated comic NIKO & THE SWORD OF LIGHT which was picked up by Amazon Prime and went on to win an Emmy in 2016.


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