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Citizens from the well-fed, fenced off city can only venture beyond the “safety” wall on the government’s official train system. It distributes humanitarian aid and offers high ticket tourists a rare chance to see what life is like in the impoverished villages beyond the wall.

A team of investigative reporters set out to expose the corruption behind the program, but instead discover a horrifying secret no one thought possible.

Adapted from the 2007 short story “Mozharovo” by Dmitry Bykov.




S1 - E6  - 16 min

No.8 Reporting

Director: Aljosha Klimov (Germany), Matthew Lyon (Canada)

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ALJOSHA KLIMOV, a Russian creative based in Germany, Co-Created this series Red Iron Road and selected and adapted the original short stories into English for episodic production. Aljosha was a Producer and a Co-Director of the award-winning animated feature film, FIRST SQUAD: The Moment of Truth (2009), a co-production between Canadian studio Molot Entertainment and Tokyo-based Studio 4°C.


MATTHEW LYON is an animation industry veteran of 25 years working as everything from designer/animator to writer/director and producer. He created and developed the 2019 feature Arctic Dogs and has since focused on developing original content for international audiences as Chief Creative Officer of Lakeside Animation Studios. For 18 years, he has taught character design, animation, and storytelling at Centennial College’s Digital Animation program in Toronto.

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