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Set in a suffocating over-commercialized future, a young boy’s desire for success and status leads him into a terrifying and deadly new reality through the lens of a mysterious VR game. 

His desperate father must now race against both time and technology to save his dying son. But the boy is the only one who can save himself, and he must do it before becoming another faceless pawn of the Forest King.

Adapted from the poem “The Forest Tsar” written in 1818 by Vasiliy Zhukovsky.




S1 - E2  - 20 mins

The Forest King

Director: Lubomir Arsov (Canada)


Lubomir Arsov

LUBOMIR ARSOV works as an animation writer/director. His personal work explores the psychological, parapolitical, and spiritual dynamics that define the momentous time we are collectively navigating. In 2017 he released his first award-winning animated film, “IN-SHADOW: A Modern Odyssey”, exploring the fragmented unconscious of our world. Professionally, he has worked in various phases of production and IP development for both major and boutique animation studios, on a variety of film and TV projects, for clients like – Netflix, Warner Brothers, Blue Sky, Mattel, Disney, House of Cool, among others.

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